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AI Taxonomy

Empower designers to better envision AI-driven products and services

How might we improve the technical literacy of  designers and empower them to envision AI-driven solutions?

As AI starts to play an increasingly important role in many different industries, critical challenges persist in envisioning possible AI-driven solutions and products. Particularly, designers without a technical background often have difficulties understanding what AI can or cannot do. This poses great challenges to designers’ brainstorming process and limits them from fully envisioning the opportunities of AI.

The AI taxonomy aims to support designers without a technical background to understand AI capabilities and limitations, so they can better integrate AI into their product and practice. I collaborated with two teammates to develop the content of the taxonomy, and then worked independently to design and develop the full website.

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Each card presents information about what AI could do, which capability this feature is using, and the industry this feature belongs to. The website provides two different views: The users can filter the AI features either by their capabilities, or by the industries that they belong to. I use a card layout to divide the features into different sections as shown below, increasing its scannability. 

When the user click on any of the cards, they will be brought to a detail page of that specific feature. The detail page shows a description of that feature, the input and output datasets it involves, and the functionality sequence this feature belongs to in order to make the whole applicaiton works.

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