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Hi, I’m Anita Sun.

I’m a UX designer with 3 years of experience designing for both enterprise and consumer products. My passion lies in distilling complex problems to their essence, and creating logical frameworks with joy and empathy.

I recently graduated from the Master of Human-Computer Interaction program at CMU and the graphic design program at RISD. My background in both visual design and research motivates me to use research-driven methods in my work and pursue product excellence with a high bar.

Currently I’m working at Google Chrome, crafting the web browsing experiences. I’ve always been fascinated by the notions of human-AI complementarity and how AI has great potential to augment human intelligence.

To learn more about my experience, please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

Other pieces of me...

🛠️ VR/AR Development

Recently I’ve been building an AR and voice system for the next-gen spacesuits under the guidance of NASA engineering team. Check out our AR prototypes!

🎉 Leadership & Volunteering

I also enjoy contributing to the local design community. In 2018, I helped lead the largest student-run design conference in the U.S and attracted 60+ speakers and 800+ attendees. Check out what we did in the Better World by Design Conference!

🎨 Motion & Animation

I’ve always been interested in improving my visual and storytelling skills. Check out a short video clip I made for the launch of a music app feature!

💻 Web Development

Learning about how coding works greatly contributes to how I create and how I communicate with the engineering team. Check out some websites I coded!

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