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Enhance people’s mental wellness with AI-powered personalized insights

Targeting burnout young professionals, Callie is an AI-powered app that analyzes user’s day-to-day emotional patterns and offers personalized daily insights via a conversational user interface to help users self-learn about their mental states and improve their mental wellness.

How might we incentivize users to take healthcare preventive measures over the long-term?

One of the biggest challenges for young professionals is that they often lack enough motivation to take preventive measures and build healthier habits over the long-term. There’s a big opportunity space in the current market to let the user see the causal correlations between behavioral changes and health outcomes therefore incentivizing users to make changes and live a healthier lifestyle.

Visualize the correlations between behavioral changes and mood level to encourage habit-forming over the long term

The Callie system would recommend a list of personalized health tips to the user which the user could then follow and set up daily reminders for. The system would then analyze the mood journal data that the user have input to calculate the correlations between mood changes and behavioral changes of following those health tips. By providing clear visualizations of how following those health tips could lead to daily mood changes, Callie aims to incentivize users to form healthier lifestyles and improve mental wellbeing over the long term.

On the home page, the user could see the daily Insight Cards that they have followed and create journals to document their mood changes. The Insight Cards is designed in a to-do list format to encourage daily completion. 

Daily Journal to Observe Mood Changes

Callie encourages the user to document their mood changes everyday to observe long-term patterns. Illustrations and selectable UIs are used to make the mood journaling process as smooth and joyful as possible. The data from the mood journals are then analysed and synthesized to create long-term visualized patterns.

Wellness Library and Tips

In the wellness library, the user could freely explore personalized suggestions and lifestyle tips that they want to try out. The user is also encouraged to set a reminder for any specific insights they are interested in experimenting with, follow the daily instructions and see how each experiment could help them improve their mental wellness on a daily basis.

Visualize the Correlations

By analyzing data from the daily journals, Callie will provide reports that visualize the correlations between new habits that they have built and their changes of mood. The user can click on the tag of each new habit to read a more detailed explanation about how following that specific tip has changed their mood recently, therefore finding out which tips and lifestyle works the best for them.

AI Chatbot for Personalized Insights

We also created an AI companion that would intelligently provide personalized insights and mental health suggestions via a conversational interface. The AI companion will also send notifications to the users to follow mental wellness tips on each day. 

Callie was launched in 2020 and received lots of positive reviews on App Store. It is extremely rewarding to read through all the users’ reviews after the product launch, which also encourages me as a designer to create more products that would form emotional ties with the users.

Cress Health gets mentioned by Fast Company as one of the finalists of World Changing Ideas

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