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Halo Science

Connect scientists with companies and investors for research opportunities

Halo Science is a platform where scientists connect directly with companies for research funding opportunities. The companies can post a Request for Proposal on the platform and then wait for 2 months to allow any scientists to submit their research proposals. The company would then use Halo’s review system to evaluate all the submitted proposals and select the finalists for further collaborations.

Applicants are not well-informed about what the proposal review process looks like

However, the proposal review system lacks a feature to update the scientists about the status of their submitted proposal. It was unclear to the scientists how the review process would work, how many rounds of review it would take, and most importantly, when they would hear back from the sponsor companies regarding their final decisions.

A portal for the scientists to track the status of their submitted proposals

During 2 months, I designed a proposal submission timeline to make the review process more efficient, transparent and flexible for both the scientists and sponsor companies.

The scientists could track the status of all of their submitted proposals on “My Proposals” in real time. The design does not only present the current status of the submissions, but also what will happen next and the expected date of any upcoming rounds of reviews, making the user experience more transparent and accessible for the scientists.

Invite sponsor companies to set key dates for the review timeline

To make the project management process more flexible, the sponsor companies can create their own timeline for each project when they post a new Request for Proposal.

Remind sponsor companies to finish reviewing proposals by deadlines

The review timeline created by sponsor companys would be shown on the proposal review system to remind every reviewer on the team to stay on track of the whole review process. The timeline would also act as an internal deadline that the review team should commit to in order to encourage more punctual responses to the scientists.

Remind sponsor companies to respond to the rejected scientists

Another pain point of the sponsor companies is that after they select the finalists, sometimes they simply forget to respond to the rest of the scientists who are not selected. A message will be prompted to the review team after all the review sessions to remidn the sponsor companies to respond to the rest of the scientists who have not received a response yet.

Unify the design systems

While working at Halo, I helped unify the design system and visual styles across the whole platform. I also helped set up a system to manage all the design files on Figma in order to better track files and progess at different stages of the product growth.


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