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Sirius Workspace

An all-in-one digital workspace platform for enterprises

Transformed from a legacy email product with 50+ millions of enterprise users, Sirius Workspace is an all-in-one digital workspace and corporate communication platform newly lauched by NetEase in April 2021. I joined the team in 2020 with two other designers to build the MVP from scratch.

A network management solution to store client information, record recent updates and remind to follow-up

Everyday our target users rely heavily on external business communication, and yet they lack an efficient way to manage their external networks. During my time on this product, my job has been mainly focusing on supporting users to easily manage their external business contacts, review all recent interactions with their clients and follow up with their clients.

Efficient profile creation and management

The profile management process typically involves filling out a large amount of information, and manually grouping or removing any repetitive contacts. In order to simply the process, we improved the visual hierarchy of the profile creation screens by grouping related text fields into foldable sections and introducing new UIs for different data types. We also introduced a feature to remove any repetitive contacts with smart suggestions, making contact management as effieicnt as possible.

A hub to drive your day-to-day activities

The profile detail page involved a large amount of information to be presented. A two-columned layout was used here to categorize information into “readable” and “actionable” sections, where the user can either browse the activity log and relevant documents of the clients, or follow up with the clients right away with a side by side view. A tab navigation system is introduced to make the content switching experience seamless.

Follow up with clients

With seamless integration with personal calendar, the user could set up meetings with clients, review the list of upcoming events with each specific client and receive calendar notifications on time. With the introduction of online collaborative features, Sirius Workspace makes it easy for you to share networks with your colleagues and manage your client networks together.

A unified design system

Besides building the MVP of Sirius Workspace, I also worked extensively on creating the design system and unifying the interaction flows across different function modules. The goal was to convey a professional and trustworthy tone through the color choices, icons and UI components.

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